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Who we serve

Positioning Healthcare Stakeholders for success in the new Health Economy

Who we serve


Bridging the divide between Strategic priorities and Capabilities

Health Systems are in a state of profound transformation driven by historical increased inflation, cost pressures, workforce challenges, and topline revenue goals. Health Systems CIO’s are being asked to deliver more with less whether it is developing new consumer centric digital capabilities, running Innovation agenda, modernize IT or streamline bloated tech stacks.

ScaleHealthTech is a trusted partner and enabler of health system stakeholders to advance their strategic imperatives in the near and long term all within the constraints of reduced capital availability.

Our capabilities and expertise helps health systems achieve

Cost Reduction

Reduce cost and do more from your existing budget. Measurably improve capital position within FY year.

Competitive Advantage

Deliver on highest quality outcome and gain competitive advantage.

Uninterrupted Innovation

Budget cuts for Innovation? No problem. Continue to accelerate your Innovation engine, use case experimentations and deliver on your Digital Transformation goals.

Market Growth

Expand your business in existing and new market. Drive Revenue and develop new business models.

Consumer satisfaction

Accelerate patient loyalty and acquire, engage and retain more patients.

Staff Productivity

Gain better employee productivity with technology solutions that delights clinicians, nurses.

Our Services for Health systems includes


Salesforce Consulting

Interoperability & Digital Integration

Digital Transformation Advisory

Professional Services

EPIC Consulting

Workday Consulting

C-Suites Professional Services


Innovation as a Services (Iaas)

Captive Software Innovation Lab

Experience Design

UI Development

Intelligent Automation Cases leveraging UIPath

AI Use Cases and integration

HL7, FHIR, API Interface development and Integration

mHealth Application Development

Healthcare Solutions


Digital Front Door – Enlyt


Analytics and Data Science

Data Warehouse and Data Lakes

Application Portfolio Optimization


Application Maintenance and Support

Enterprise Architecture Modernization

Who we serve


Empowering the Digital Payer of the Future

Understanding how a Health Plan Acquires, Engages, and Retains Members, Employers and Providers affects its growth. At ScaleHealthTech, we empower health plans to reimagine engagement with their members, providers driven by unlocking the value of the healthcare Data.

Our Services for Payers includes

Innovation and Strategy

Innovation as a Service - ScaleLab

Salesforce Consulting

Digital Strategy Development

AI, Automation and SDOH solutions development

Engagement Transformation

Experience Design

Market Research

Member Engagement strategy development

Member Engagement mobile App and Portal development and modernization

Interoperability and Digital Integration

HL7, FHIR, API Interface development

Data Aggregation

CRM, mobile Apps and Portal Integration

Analytics and Data Science

Data Warehouse and Data Lakes


Analytics and Data Science

Enterprise Architecture modernization

Application Portfolio Optimization

Application Maintenance and Support

Who we serve

Healthcare ISVs

Build Healthcare products fast... help patients, clinicians faster

ScaleHealthTech partners with some of the world’s leading healthcare software and medical device firms to create next generation patient, clinician and caregiver experiences.

Our design first and technology second approach keeps patient and clinicians at the center throughout the product development process.

ScaleHealthTech is not only a strategic product development partner but a trusted advisor to help Healthcare ISV’s redefine their development as well as GTM roadmap align with Industry’s priorities.

We build healthcare products that inspire, engage and create an impact

Our focus areas for Healthcare ISV’s includes

Dedicated Captive Product Development center

Ecosystem Integration – Integration Engine, CRM, EMR

Cloud Transformation
(Azure I Google I AWS)

Quality Assurance and Testing

Product Maintenance and Support